Kid Angles - Tree Planting for Arbor Day Kid Angles - Working the Lemonade Stand fundraiser with Pam Thrash

Being out in the community with the kids here at Kid Angles is a great way to explore, learn, and encourage them to grow into caring and smart adults. Some of the community activities that we like to participate in are: Hoosier Hills Food Drives, CASA Awareness Fundraiser, Lemonade Stands, Arbor Day at Deer Park, St. Jude’s Trike-A-Thon, as well as our Pajama Drive.

Another way of using our local community is by having the community come to us and educate our kids here in our school on how our community can be used. We have had many visitors such as: the Bloomington Police Dept., local Dentist, Farmers, as well as the local Fire Department.

Kid Angles - PJ DRIVE for Homeless shelters Kid Angles - Visit from our local Police Kid Angles - Bus Check
Kid Angles - Getting ready for our food drive Kid Angles - Interview at WGCL Kid Angles - Otis the goat visits

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