Need a break? Not ready for your 3-5 to go to preschool all day or just want your child to socialize with others? Want a program that’s more than babysitting?

Kid Angles Presents “K-Club”

A Two day a week, 2 ½ Hrs. per day Mon-Thursday (year round program):

  • $25 per day
  • 9 – 11:30am
  • Monday & Wednesday Class
  • Tuesday & Thursday Class
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Class

Perfect for taking a break, running an errand, or going for a work out. During your child’s stay you can feel confident that your child will receive a developmentally appropriate education that includes intentional teacher, directed play that focuses on the Indiana State Foundations as well as academics.

Call Kid Angles for more details or set up a tour.

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