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The Butterfly Bungalow is bursting with energy because we are totally toddlers. Ages in this house range from 13-25 months. We are in our own separate building. The “Butterfly Bungalow” offers three play rooms, and a kitchen where we enjoy our meals and get to do activities. We get down right messy. Each child has their own cubbie to store extra clothes, comfort items and other belongings.

Our toddlers like to explore, sing, dance, create and get messy real messy.  This class is where the social networking begins. Individual independence is encouraged and praised. Hugs and cuddling are a must. Here, children enjoy an emergent-play based curriculum that keys in on the interest of the children.

As the children develop and grow staff integrate more learning and exploration opportunities into their daily routine.  Butterfly Bungalow has access to two playgrounds and is locked during the day for safety.

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